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The studio

June 1, 2006

Hey all, it's been a while since I last posted so I thought I would endulge your eyes and brains once more. This time, it shall be music that I base the subject of this blog on, once again, and also a similar topic as the last. Recording studios.

So some of you may know, that Im planning on getting a various amount of equipment to stick in my room so I can record from home. Ive been buying little bits until now, and now Im gettin big. Haha, Im planning on spending little over £1200 on some rack mount stuff and mics, and some accessories. Thats what I have £1200 to spend ;), but I am going to get all thats on my list eventually.

I will post a page on here, with all the equipment I have and what I am planning on getting =) Along with software I use.



Emo’s Dead and Real music’s in

April 4, 2006

So heres another rant from me. This is pretty much all true and all good tho.

Well remember the scene boom? If you wernt emo you wernt cool? I guess I just wasnt cool then. Well bad luck scene kid's, it's dyin out, and quick.

Everyone I used to hang about with was emo, not now, they all had enough of bein slashers. And Ive been looking at somthing.

Heard of purevolume yeah? Well that's one of the biggest music rating/download/review site around. It has all major and minor bands on there (even mine).

Well that have weekley charts, I remember say, before christmas, every band in the top 10 signed band's was either emo, post hardcore, acoustic, or somthin else like that.

Now its, completley different, all these crappy emo bands that still think they have a chance are still are stuck in the unsigned band top 10, why?

Emo's Dead.

Looking at the top 10 of signed bands, there are two with either emo, or post hardcore.

pureVolume™ Top Ten Signed

Looking in the unsigned… there are six.

pureVolume™ Top Ten UnSigned

Check out Shiny Toy Guns BTW, they are in the Unsigned Charts, they are going places, and deserve it.

So just looking at the two in comparison, I think that Emo/PostHardcore/Screamo is well on its way back to the bin, where it belongs. Emo was just a big fad, nothing more, Scene kid's that were either Chav's to begin with or just wanted to be cool.

This might just be me, but I know many others agree with me. Id like to see your views on this so please, leave me a comment.

 Specially if you are emo.