About Me

Name: Sam T

Nickname: Sammy

Age: 15… almost 16

From: Coseley, near Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England, UK

About me:

Well my name is Sam, I live in Middle England with my family. I have left full time education, and am only required to do my GCSE exams, then I plan. to go on to college where I will study under BTEC National qualification in music.

I play guitar (have done for about…6 or 7 years now?) and bass(not long, but played alot before I got my own) and drums(one or two years). I have been in many many bands, but non seem to work out. Now im working solo, and Im currntly working on a 5 track EP. I currently have 3 tracks written and ready for recording.

Music means alot to me, when I get home I will sit and listen to music for a few hours, then either play some of my instruments then go back to the music and do that until I go to bed. I cant do with out it. I also like to write, lyrics and music. I find it a good outlet for anger or sorrow or other feelings like that. Although, my sound generally is quite light and has simple but catchy melodys.

I also know quite a fair amount about computers and tend to use them alot for my muisc, not only to listen but to record and compose… etc.


-I Love music more then anything on this earth
-I hate anyone who lies to me
-I dont trust anyone who I doubt once
-Buy me a beer and I will be happy
-If I tell you you should or shouldnt do it, it's cause I think it's best for you – But you never think I mean somthing by it, so if you wanna do it, and regret it, go ahead, because if you will go against one thing I ask, your not worth my time
-I cant stay mad at anyone longer then 6 months… ive tryed, but If I do start talking to somone again, it doesnt nessisarily mean I will like you again
-I could die for somone I love enough
-I dislike G's -I am very Opinionated, if You disagree with what I think/beleve, I dont care, otherwise I would not have said it. -Treat me like you would treat anyone, dont treat me different because im different.
-I hate people who are shallow or give into peer pressure.

Meh I cant think of much more… oh well.. lol


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