Emo’s Dead and Real music’s in

So heres another rant from me. This is pretty much all true and all good tho.

Well remember the scene boom? If you wernt emo you wernt cool? I guess I just wasnt cool then. Well bad luck scene kid's, it's dyin out, and quick.

Everyone I used to hang about with was emo, not now, they all had enough of bein slashers. And Ive been looking at somthing.

Heard of purevolume yeah? Well that's one of the biggest music rating/download/review site around. It has all major and minor bands on there (even mine).

Well that have weekley charts, I remember say, before christmas, every band in the top 10 signed band's was either emo, post hardcore, acoustic, or somthin else like that.

Now its, completley different, all these crappy emo bands that still think they have a chance are still are stuck in the unsigned band top 10, why?

Emo's Dead.

Looking at the top 10 of signed bands, there are two with either emo, or post hardcore.

pureVolume™ Top Ten Signed

Looking in the unsigned… there are six.

pureVolume™ Top Ten UnSigned

Check out Shiny Toy Guns BTW, they are in the Unsigned Charts, they are going places, and deserve it.

So just looking at the two in comparison, I think that Emo/PostHardcore/Screamo is well on its way back to the bin, where it belongs. Emo was just a big fad, nothing more, Scene kid's that were either Chav's to begin with or just wanted to be cool.

This might just be me, but I know many others agree with me. Id like to see your views on this so please, leave me a comment.

 Specially if you are emo.


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10 Comments on “Emo’s Dead and Real music’s in”

  1. HarrY Says:

    I think you’re totally right. And I completely hope you’re right, too. I completely hate all this emo crap, I can’t stand it! Most of the people at my school look like idiots with the hair and over use of eye shader.

    The thing that annoys me the most about emo music is that it really IS terrible music. Awfully structred, terribly written, badly played (which is shocking considering how easy it is to play). People just can’t accept that the music is just bad but they all jump on the bandwagon and follow everyone else.

    Although you havn’t really justified where the “real music” comes in. And you havn’t elaborated on your own tatse of music. But i’m assuming you hate emo/punk and you slander chavs so probably hate all their crappy music.

  2. mikeysam Says:

    To Harry.

    Real music, I see this as somthing that uses all elements of music creation from live music.

    I mean, I prefer music to be made using guitars, basses, drums, pianos.

    Not loops and a computer with a MIDI keyboard. Because theres nothing about that, what can be classed as real.

    Altho, I have my acceptions, one I will give is Frankie goes to hollywood.. from the 80’s. They were truley god’s of electro in my mind.

    I like a veriety of rock and punk.

    From older rock/alt/prog I like bands such as, Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Dire Straits, Cream, Queen.

    From newer punk/rock/pop punk. I like Blink 182, Green Day(Although quickly fading from preffered bands). AvA(Angels and Airwaves), Box Car Racer. Transplants.

    Quite a difference from older rock, but hey I like it.

  3. HarrY Says:

    I agree with you on music being created properly…with instuments along side real talent and skill. I don’t see anything impressive whatsoever in music generated by computers. Fair enough if you need to make a backing track for your GCSE solo performance-you don’t really have any other choice but when these talantless fools come along raking in money for doing practically bugger all It annoys me so much.

    I prefer death/threash/heavy metal as to what you like. However I do like Pink Floyd. They’re classic. Though, I don’t think you can say that they’re “in” as they’re 30 years old. I also like listening to Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Now THAT’S real music. With talent, and complete pure skill.

  4. Luke Says:

    Everyone has their own persepective on how they view the world. what would we be without diversity.. who cares if its bad music.. its still music.. what if all the music was the same.. smell the roses..

  5. Alma Says:

    yeah umm i guess all this emo shit is starting to piss me off.. all the labels, posers and scene people taking advantage of sum1 their not.. the music is ok, i guess, but u do get over sum songs pretty easily.. wat really frustrates me is, ppl pose for sumthing their not, if u think about it-wud u really want the attention because ur depressed or suicidal, dress like death wen its more then just a fashion statement.. music is a big part of it, an i must say.. its starting to get kinda shit.. the songs r easy to play, sumtimes the lyrics are good, but most of the time it sounds like shit taken out of sum1 diary.. kinda boring if u get me.. some people just dn wen things hav gone too far.

  6. Ashleigh Says:

    I get is emo is just some style that everyone was into. Everyone was in (most of everyone) or else you weren’t cool. That is shit and it always will be, but how come people don’t call preppy people retards or mess with them. That is what I am trying to say! Emo was just another “group” of people holding their own style. I agree with you, though, why did people make such a big deal about. Music is ust music it is not life, but sometimes it can alternate who you are. I think emo is dying. A month ago all my friends were emo or they wanted to be emo, and now…life has passed emo is (almost) dead and people have gone onto better things. Drop it, it doesn’t matter. I bet you that some other fashion will come and everyone will hate it, but become it because life travels like that and you can’t hate someone for being who they want to be.
    *love is lies from the heart*

  7. maxx Says:

    r u dissin emo?
    how fuckin dare you
    wot r u ,chav?

  8. emoboy Says:

    Cheers, Look at the photos of my new emo hairstyle
    in http://tinyurl.com/59ps64

  9. adrienna Says:

    wats so dead abt emo music its perectly fine nd jst bc u dnt lik it doesnt mean other ppl dnt wit wats wrong wit u all ima saying is fine sumting eles to tlk abt … THTH WONT UFEND OR PISS OFF PPL

  10. roxxy ibarra Says:

    i dont think emo is dead. Im emo, and im not dead….ik alot of emo’s WE ARN’T DYING OUT!

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