Day at the studio

So, me and the rest of Names are over rated went to the rehersal rooms on saturday just gone. It was ACE :D.. The band is totally kickin ass. We went thru our setlist that were going to be playing and its pretty much kick ass, only a few songs have been dropped and one has been added. Mainly so that we all feel comfortable playing them.

So we were on our way there… and well… I went a bit mentle and tryed to jump on this trailor thingie that this bloke was pulling along with his bike and as i kinda fell off… my guitar came out of the bag… hit the floor and a chunk of paint came out…

… so I was really pissed off about this… I had to carry on, so we got to the studio found our room… wow… the gear was fuckin rad… I had a bit of trouble setting up the PA but I figured it in the end… was a desk with dodgey channels.

So we went on with our rehersin and then horror of horrors, I jumped on my lead… and snalled the contacts on the back of the jack in my guitar so Im still waitin for my dad to fix that. I had to rent a les paul for 2 hours… Was ok, but the body work was screwed and it scratched all my arm … :K

Well anyways, it was ok, but now this is the funny part…

We were in the basement rooms and there was a long corridoor filled with doors… on each door was a lock… a pad lock and doodah.
Well, there was this one room full with emos, so me and matt bein the kewlio people we are… decided to lock the room with the emos in but before we did, we threw the key in the room so they couldnt unlock it…

haha, they had to kick the door thru cause no one herd there winey screams…


good day…

March 25th 2006


Be there, or you’re gay

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4 Comments on “Day at the studio”

  1. sdlkjsdlkj Says:

    your site is boring dude. 😛 learn how to spell, and get a life. stop using the F word all the time

  2. mikeysam Says:

    Your life is clearly much more interesting as you have to sit here and post these shitty comments that I nor no one else cares about.

  3. AriX Says:

    Where can I find your port of Macinscott? Thanks

  4. AriX Says:

    Thanks a bunch! Kinda… 😛

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