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Posted June 1, 2006 by mikeysam
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Hey all, it's been a while since I last posted so I thought I would endulge your eyes and brains once more. This time, it shall be music that I base the subject of this blog on, once again, and also a similar topic as the last. Recording studios.

So some of you may know, that Im planning on getting a various amount of equipment to stick in my room so I can record from home. Ive been buying little bits until now, and now Im gettin big. Haha, Im planning on spending little over £1200 on some rack mount stuff and mics, and some accessories. Thats what I have £1200 to spend ;), but I am going to get all thats on my list eventually.

I will post a page on here, with all the equipment I have and what I am planning on getting =) Along with software I use.



Britain is no more

Posted April 25, 2006 by mikeysam
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Ok, before anyone goes mad/flames me/trys to offend me(wont work, people try). I want to say one thing, anything I mention in this article is not because I am any kind of racist, because I am not. What this article will be based around, is patriotism. My views. My opinions, and fact from various sources, such as media/govournment releases/home office statements.

I repeat, this is patriotism, nothing more.

Ok, well what am I actually writing about? On such a topic I dont really know where it would be best for me to begin.

I have lived in England for the 15 years of my current life, and I have never left this country. It is where I live and breathe the air around me, so like many, I have opionions about my country and I like have those opinions heard, but what I may say or cover are not said by many as many do not have the testicular fortitude to do so.

One of my main problems at the moment with England, is the way it is run. The current party in control of state, would be the Labour party, with Tony Blair MP as the party leader.

They have been in power for the last 8 years I do beleve (or will be until the next national election). Alot of things that have been in the news that are seen as world wide issues, is terrorism, and immigration.

At this point, I shall make refferences to facts about the UK, this is not somthing I've made up, this is all true and so I will say again I am not a racist.

There is more then likley a connection between the two. Terrorism. I shall be painfully blunt, and say that it's people from the middle east who do this kind of thing. Just today, there was another three terrorist bombings in Egypt. And why? At the end of the day they all claim it comes down to religion. These people claim the do it for their god. What god would want pain enflicted on its people? Talk sence

I myself am not religious, I dont beleve there is any kind of god what so ever, because there would be no science in the world. I need to 'see it to beleve it' as it would be. 

So Im this far, Im saying theres a world wide issue with terrorism, where does britain come into this?

Within the last year there have been verious terrorism attacts around the UK and more so threats and warnings. And these people who do this, are well, not British, they are from other countries.

Well why are they here? This is one of the things that is a huge problem in the UK and the Prime minister and his party seem to be doing nothing about it. Asylum.

Asylum, is growing, in the number applying for Asylum in the UK, most being false claims of terror in their own country. So you would think they would be deported? No, they are left here for months on end. And alot are genuine claims, but those are only a part of a problem.

It was today in the news that over 1000 asylum seekers, that have been convicted of crimes in the UK, this includes, Murder, Manslaughter, Rape, Peodophilia, other sexual assults, assult, and theft, who were centansed, were said to be deported by the judge. This was said over 6 months ago, and the govournment only know where 160 of these people are in the UK.

Another problem with this is, the pure unfairness of bennefit from state. Basically, you, your wife, your parents, are tax payers. They often have to pay (in my case) up to 40% of any earnings in a year. This, you would think, would go to better hospitals, better education, better state protection(fire, police, army). And yes, you are right. But a huge majority, goes towards paying for houses, and appliances, and food and clothes, for these asylum seekers.

Now the biggest problem is, this country, is losing its race, we wont be britain in a few decades, it will be a mongrel country. With no govourning body or state control. Simply because Mr Blair and his collegues are not doing their job.

The one reason Im so annoyed with this one issue, is because of what they get and what I dont. I am about to go to college, and I think it should only be fair I get EMA, only a small thing in comparison to this whole debate, but its somthing that was disgussed recently. I cant get it because of my mom and dad, they earn a joint income that is above that of suggested income for me to qualify for any kind of ema. But I dont gain anything because my mom and dad earn more, because they pay more in tax on everything then those who qualify for ema?

That hardly seems right. But asylum seekers, get everything on tap. The services at their beck and call, and money from the 'post office' as if it were on tap. Your money.

What do they do to help this country? They dont pay tax, they dont work, they dont pay their way, but they do commit crime. They rob and kill, and rape, and assult and anything else you would think of a disgrace if you or your children did it. But they dont care, they get everything free, and if they go to prison, they dont have to pay for anything there, nothing comes out of their tax to pay for them in prison for their crimes. Why is that then? Oh thats right.

They dont pay tax.  Crime is on a rise because of thise animals. They are a disgrace to our once great nation. And should be on the next plain home. If they at least want to stay here, I know I would make them pay their way the same as everyone else here.

I could only hope somone within the govourning body would read this. Then they would know, they are stupid while the research and wit of a 15 year old boy, could out smart them? Yes.

Oh and now I will say again. No Im not racists, I respect anyone, who give you that, but apparently these dont, they will kill you for a £10 note. So no, its not racism, its what I beleve right and patriotism.

If you are like me, born and baught up in Britain, and you dont agree, you want a bullet in your brain. 

Emo’s Dead and Real music’s in

Posted April 4, 2006 by mikeysam
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So heres another rant from me. This is pretty much all true and all good tho.

Well remember the scene boom? If you wernt emo you wernt cool? I guess I just wasnt cool then. Well bad luck scene kid's, it's dyin out, and quick.

Everyone I used to hang about with was emo, not now, they all had enough of bein slashers. And Ive been looking at somthing.

Heard of purevolume yeah? Well that's one of the biggest music rating/download/review site around. It has all major and minor bands on there (even mine).

Well that have weekley charts, I remember say, before christmas, every band in the top 10 signed band's was either emo, post hardcore, acoustic, or somthin else like that.

Now its, completley different, all these crappy emo bands that still think they have a chance are still are stuck in the unsigned band top 10, why?

Emo's Dead.

Looking at the top 10 of signed bands, there are two with either emo, or post hardcore.

pureVolume™ Top Ten Signed

Looking in the unsigned… there are six.

pureVolume™ Top Ten UnSigned

Check out Shiny Toy Guns BTW, they are in the Unsigned Charts, they are going places, and deserve it.

So just looking at the two in comparison, I think that Emo/PostHardcore/Screamo is well on its way back to the bin, where it belongs. Emo was just a big fad, nothing more, Scene kid's that were either Chav's to begin with or just wanted to be cool.

This might just be me, but I know many others agree with me. Id like to see your views on this so please, leave me a comment.

 Specially if you are emo.


Day at the studio

Posted March 14, 2006 by mikeysam
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So, me and the rest of Names are over rated went to the rehersal rooms on saturday just gone. It was ACE :D.. The band is totally kickin ass. We went thru our setlist that were going to be playing and its pretty much kick ass, only a few songs have been dropped and one has been added. Mainly so that we all feel comfortable playing them.

So we were on our way there… and well… I went a bit mentle and tryed to jump on this trailor thingie that this bloke was pulling along with his bike and as i kinda fell off… my guitar came out of the bag… hit the floor and a chunk of paint came out…

… so I was really pissed off about this… I had to carry on, so we got to the studio found our room… wow… the gear was fuckin rad… I had a bit of trouble setting up the PA but I figured it in the end… was a desk with dodgey channels.

So we went on with our rehersin and then horror of horrors, I jumped on my lead… and snalled the contacts on the back of the jack in my guitar so Im still waitin for my dad to fix that. I had to rent a les paul for 2 hours… Was ok, but the body work was screwed and it scratched all my arm … :K

Well anyways, it was ok, but now this is the funny part…

We were in the basement rooms and there was a long corridoor filled with doors… on each door was a lock… a pad lock and doodah.
Well, there was this one room full with emos, so me and matt bein the kewlio people we are… decided to lock the room with the emos in but before we did, we threw the key in the room so they couldnt unlock it…

haha, they had to kick the door thru cause no one herd there winey screams…


good day…

March 25th 2006


Be there, or you’re gay

Chantelle and the rest of those nobodys

Posted February 18, 2006 by mikeysam
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Okay, so I havent written anything about somthing I dont like for ages, so I thougth what not better then this. Chantelle… you know? From Bigbrother Celebrity…?

 If you dont, you obviousley dont own a TV and if you dont, I salute you.

 Well, story behind it is, she was a nobody that went into the Big Brother house on the Celebrity Big Brother 2006. Basically, what her task was, to lie to the other house mates, saying she was a celeb in some shitty pop band with some shitty single. She then went on to win it… like WTF?

 Well, what pisses me off is the fact that shes some cheap common slag who was a nobody, and still is a nobody… I mean does she actually do anything?

 Well, now shes on TV, doin all various bullshit that people who do somthing are supposed to do. She came from a shitty program and now shes fuckin everything? Bullshit.

Well it’s not just that, the fact that some slag won big brother and now have a shit lot of money for sweet fa, its the fact that people are workin hard for what shes got and havent been recognised and theres some cheap slag whos got it all for nothin.

I feel the same way about all those bollocks programs like pop-idol, who make shit music and cover most stuff and make a fortune when half the time turn out to be bollocks or split up or finish their career after about 6 monts. The only person i think Deserves somthin from those shows was Darrius Danesh… he went on like 3 times and won nothin? Now hes out there doin it himself.

 People are bound to say, oh, if that was you, bet it would be a different story. True… perhaps, but the point is I am working towards it, I write music, and compose it, and then promote it myself along with my band and do everything without the help from a shitty tv program.

So yeah.

New blog

Posted January 12, 2006 by mikeysam
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Im not sure what to talk about, if you did end up here, it’s probably because I told you to come here or you got sent to and re-directed. Im not going to blog about anything becuase I can’t be arsed but I will do soon!